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Tip: To work out the square metre of a room, times the width of the area by the length i.e 4m x 3m = 12m2

Estimate cost

Estimated Area Cost is:


This is an estimate for applying SlipStop treatment to your floor based on the quantities you have entered. This estimate includes removing and degreasing the floor, secondly to clean the surface, and then the antislip treatment. If the area is under 11m2, it will be a minimum charge area of $650.00, incl GST. If you have a Concrete or stone surface, a sealer will also need to be applied after the SlipStop treatment is done at an additional $24.95m2, incl GST. This is not included in the estimated price. Price is an estimate only; it does not have any travel costs, stair charges, or other unforeseen costs calculated that may be applicable. A final measurement from our approved applicators will need to be done on-site to confirm the quantity, any additional works and pricing. A discounted price may apply if you have an area over 100m2 (per dwelling).