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Over 40 years of experience and expertise in non slip treatments.

Treatment Leaders

SlipStop is recommended and an industry leader in all antislip solutions, floor sealing and slip testers.

5 Year Guarantee

We take all the necessary steps in the anti slip application and provide a 5 year guarantee for your floor.

Quick Application

No need to close down your facilities or buildings. Slipstop products can be applied quick and fast ensuring you can continue operating as normal

Ready to Walk On

Instant slip resistance after application. As soon as our anti-slip application is done, the floor is ready to walk on.

Our Product Range

Antislip Treatments

Aftercare Products

Impregnating Sealers

Trip and slip accidents, which can happen any time and anywhere to anyone, are reportedly some of the most dangerous and costly injury causes worldwide.

Slip-resistant flooring solutions are healthy and safety must-haves in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Enhancing floor safety is crucial to any home or business as it provides security and comfort that you are putting a premium on the best interest and welfare of your loved ones and staff to heart.

Address floor maintenance and slip resistance as soon as you can to prevent any accident from happening to you, your family members or your employees and clients since you all deserve peace of mind.

Choose the best non-slip flooring solutions that deliver exceptional results as it shall go a long way in reducing slips and trips.

At Slipstop, you get over four decades of expertise and experience in delivering premium-quality anti-slip flooring treatments, solutions, and products.

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